How to apply eye cream correctly

Women as they age, they will pay attention to skin care and anti-aging issues.Almost everyone will use eye cream,but is your eye cream really used correctly?The usual simple, rough and casual application methods are actually very easy to grow wrinkles,and no matter how expensive eye cream you use, there is no effect.Easy-to-use eye cream, must be applied to the method, in order to be more effective~~

Today I will share with you my usual eye care techniques for applying eye cream. First take the rice-sized eye cream, gently touch it with your ring finger, warm up in circles, then apply it from the end of the eye to the head of the eye, and then massage it from the end of the eye to the head of the eye; then gently pat the eye area to help the eye cream absorb, then pull the backhand around the corner of the eye, the middle finger and the ring finger for lifting to prevent sagging under the eyes; finally, use your ring finger to lift from the corner of the eye to the temples, and then press it to the back of the ear, dredging lymph nodes along the neck.

The above is all the eye care process, it looks very cumbersome,but in order to be beautiful, we must make time to do a good job of eye care,don't feel lazy when the eye cream has been absorbed, we must add more smear and massage~In addition to these, you can also look at the green plants every day,both to protect your eyesight and make your eyes bright~