How Should I Moisturize in Summer? Is it Feasible to Apply Face Mask?

Summer is coming,the skin is severely dehydrated you, is not also trying to do everything to moisturize, then, this time you will want to give yourself more hydration skin care products on it, in fact, skin care is skilled,now come with us to see how to properly moisturize it.

Dry skin can look dull and feel sad.But in fact, the more important reason is that the lack of water in the skin can lead to a weak skin barrier, easy to infect, but also hinder the normal renewal of the cuticle, resulting in a variety of skin diseases.

Moisturizing is very important, but do you really moisturize?

A lot of small partners insist on moisturizing for a long time, but the effect is very little,it is likely to be the wrong way.Let's see if you have been using the following three wrong ways~

1. Crazy Face Mask

It is generally not recommended to use the mask frequently,and the use of the mask is recommended once a week,but also afraid of buying unreliable masks on the Internet to make you counterproductive!There is an immediate effect, but be careful that may contain hormones or heavy metals and other harmful ingredients.

2. Use moisturizing spray only

It is generally recommended to apply moisturizer in a timely manner after using the spray before it is not completely dry.

When the spray evaporates, it will take away more moisture and cause the skin to be drier,so it is necessary to use a moisturizer to lock moisture for the skin after running out of the spray.And the main effect of moisturizing spray is not moisturizing, the effect is somewhat similar to a cold compress.

3. Hydrate by drinking water.

It is often said that " Drink plenty of water, the skin will become beautiful."”

In fact, the water we drink, after absorption through the gastrointestinal tract, through the blood circulation to the body, and eventually the excess water will be discharged in the form of urine with the body's waste, and will not”orient " to the skin.

Therefore, it is not realistic to want to“hydrate and moisturize”the skin by drinking more water.

Several points of moisturizing:

Avoid excessive cleaning.Even water can take away lipids and natural moisturizing factors in the skin, not to mention cleansing ingredients.“Outside the oil inside the dry " skin should pay more attention.

When buying skin care products, take a look at the ingredient list by the way.Cholesterol, ceramide, fatty acids and other ingredients help repair the lipid barrier, containing more amino acids, lactate, PCA (pyrrolidone carboxylic acid) salt, urea and other ingredients of skin care products are more beneficial to moisturizing.

Maintain appropriate ambient humidity.A dry environment will ruin everything you try to moisturize, unless you apply a thick layer of vaseline.If you encounter the cabin and other can not change the humidity of the environment, more oil.