How men Whiten

In this era of white beauty, are you still thinking about the good skin color of Hanami men in Korean dramas?In fact, we do not have to envy what, learn these whitening methods, we can also be a beautiful flower man,so what are the methods of men whitening?

Men's whitening methods

1. Milk whitening

First prepare a small cup of fresh milk frozen in the refrigerator, remember not to freeze here, after applying a hot towel to the face,use your fingers to apply the milk to the face, gently massage, and then wash with water,look in the mirror, is not white and tender a lot!

Milk whitening Prepare a small cup of fresh milk with steam to steam the face,the cotton pad is filled with fresh milk, applied to the face for about fifteen minutes,remove,wash the milk on the face with water.Long-term persistence, can make the skin white and uniform.

2. Aloe whitening

Put fresh aloe vera and cucumber in a juicer and pour it into a small bowl,then mix egg white and starch into a paste,wash your face and apply it evenly.Finally wash and pat on skin care water.

Then a three-centimeter cucumber, egg white,2-3 grams of pearl powder,and the right amount of flour are used to dilute.Put aloe vera and cucumber into a juicer and pour into a small bowl,then add egg white, pearl powder and the right amount of flour to make a paste, so as not to flow down.Wash your face, wipe the adjusted paste on your face,wash after drying,pat on toner, skin care products, 1-2 times a week.

3. Tomato honey whitening

Tomato and honey in a juicer stir into a paste, evenly spread on the hands and face,about 10 minutes after washing, for dull skin and oily skin has a good effect.

Stir the tomatoes into tomato juice and add the right amount of honey until the paste is smooth.Apply evenly to face or hands and leave for about 15 minutes to wash off.It is recommended to do it 1-2 times a week.

4. Sunscreen is very important

Master the above method,your skin condition will be greatly improved in a short period of time, but also be sure to pay attention to sunscreen.Sun umbrella is not a girl's patent, boys can also be used,if really embarrassed, you can wear sunglasses and hats,after all, whitening is their own business.In addition, to strengthen exercise and ensure adequate sleep, which will ensure that your whitening effect is not discounted and does not rebound.

5. Vegetable whitening

The green pepper, large cucumber, quarter bitter melon, celery, green apple, etc. beat into the beauty of vegetable juice to drink, such vegetable juice has enough vitamin C, very effective for whitening.

6. Egg whitening

Take a fresh egg, wash and wipe dry,add 500 ml of high-quality vinegar and soak for a month.When the eggshell is dissolved in vinegar, take a small tablespoon of the solution mixed with a glass of boiling water, stir and take it, one cup a day.Long-term use of vinegar egg liquid, can make the skin smooth and delicate,remove all dark spots on the face.

7. Banana whitening

Make a paste of bananas(must be bananas,can not be replaced with plantains), then pour whole milk, and then add a small amount of water.The ratio of these things is about 2:5:1 then wipe the face,then gently pat the face,and finally do nothing.Wash off after 20 minutes.

What to pay attention to in whitening skin care

1. Do not use a towel to wipe the skin

After washing the face, we will wipe the skin with a towel, but our skin is very fragile,and the towel is very rough,so wiping the skin will bring a lot of damage, especially sensitive muscles, long-term this will cause the skin to get worse and worse,so when using the towel should be to take the pressure to drain the water, rather than wipe hard.

2. Skin care steps should be correct

Many people in the use of skin care products are always random use, anyway, wipe on it, but you do not know that the use of skin care products are also in order, so as to facilitate the absorption of skin care products, play a good protective role, generally the first use of water milk, serum, eye cream, cream and so on.