How do I take care of my skin? What is the basic skin care regimen?

First of all, since we are talking about skin care, we need to know what determines the condition of our skin. For skin, genes account for 70%, diet and rest account for 20%, and skin care products account for 10%. But! But death can ruin 100%! Genes can not change, so we can only improve the skin condition from the diet and skin care products to start.

skin care regimen

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. Excessive sugar also increases the body's androgens, which can affect oil secretion and thus induce acne; sugar can even make the tyrosinase enzyme related to melanogenesis more active, producing more melanin and leading to dull skin, so foods high in sugar should be consumed sparingly. List some foods high in sugar.

Honey, white sugar, brown sugar, flour, sugar cane, groundnuts, dates, cakes, cookies, desserts, delicate foods, fried foods, refined and ready-to-eat foods with high sugar content, beets and fruits, etc.

So what so-called can whitening lemon honey water less to drink.

Similarly, dairy products also have the risk of inducing acne. Milk contains some sex hormone precursors, anabolic steroids, which are difficult to be inactivated by high temperatures and ingested into the body, becoming a trigger for elevated circulating androgens. 2. Milk contains whey protein and casein, and excessive intake of these proteins produces GIP-like substances as well as leucine, which elevates insulin and also It also leads to a shift in the insulin/insulin-like growth factor-1 signaling pathway, which means that too much of this protein leads to a shift in the IIS pathway, producing more IGF-1, and the IIS shift is also thought to be an important cause of the increased rates of chronic nutritional diseases and cancer in the Western diet. 3. Milk also contains The presence of IGF-1, exogenous and induced endogenous IGF work together.

Of course, I'm not saying that we should not consume the above mentioned foods at all. The intake of sugar stimulates the brain to produce more dopamine and endorphins thus creating a sense of euphoria, and a life without high sugar foods is simply an ascetic life; likewise, dairy products are a very good source of protein and calcium.

All foods should be consumed in moderation, including those that can supposedly whiten the barley porridge barley water ah and other foods.

After talking about diet and rest, most young people have the habit of staying up late, but staying up late will have an effect on the secretion of melatonin. The pineal gland will produce melatonin only in the dark, the secretion of melatonin in the middle of the evening is the most, and then in the evening after a period of time less, and then gradually decrease over time to dawn. If you stay up late in the light for a long time, you may not produce enough melatonin to cause dull skin, even if you make up for 130 hours of sleep the next day.

Therefore, maintaining a regular sleep also has an important significance for the skin.

Skincare from Harvard:

For acne prevention, there are many small habits and details in your daily life that you should also pay attention to

1. Wash your hands before washing your face, use a hand sanitizer with antiseptic effect, and wash your hands for >1min.
If you wash your face directly with a cleanser, the bacteria and dirt on your hands will definitely cause secondary pollution on your face, so you can imagine that acne will be more prevalent.

2. hands are not clean with all the hands prohibited with the hands of the cute and cool action, and forbid others dirty hands molest your face, touch more natural easy to infect bacteria.

3. Your bedding in contact with the skin must be cleaned regularly, especially the pillowcase, pillowcase, quilt cover that will come in contact with the face, change it regularly and ventilate more sunlight. This is one of the main reasons why cheek acne and chin and neck acne occur frequently.4. First splash warm water on your face, then massage with clean hands, if it's a foam cleanser please use water to fully lather in both palms before putting it on your face. If you use too much foam cleanser at a time will cause inadequate foaming, and not to paint the wall, so sticky why? And this hurts the skin, wasting cleanser, face is not clean, but also easy to stimulate the pores. It is recommended that you use a pressure pump form or mousse-like cleansing products, which will save the trouble of inadequate foaming.

5. I believe that many people are a basin of hot water, even with a cleanser is also the face with a towel in the basin to wash, wash after leaving a basin of dirty water. This is a great way to save water, but it doesn't pay off. Since they are all acne-prone skin is proof that the face is too oily, or a small basin of face washing method how will wash clean? This will also lead to the residue of cleansing foam and spoils. Wash your face should be rinsed with cleanser under running water, making sure to wash the foam from your hairline and chin and neck. Washing towel should be kept clean, more cleaning replacement, mainly used to absorb dry face water beads can be, not directly wipe face as clean.

6. the same reason! Cell phones, keyboards, mice, headphone cables, mugs, glasses and other items that have been in contact with the face and hands for a long time really need to do a good job of cleaning up. And oh, nails are also easy to hide dirt, cut your nails regularly to be correct.

7. then, your cleanser, lotion, lotion and other related skin care products bottle mouth bottle is not also not regularly clean, the words speak oh not easy to wash clean, this bottle touch again that bottle are also secondary pollution, especially the bottle of lotion and cleanser bottle, interested in looking at the microscopic picture it. Reminder of dense phobia do not go to scare yourself.