How do I hydrate my skin?

How to hydrate the skin?

How to Moisturize Your Skin

3 moisturizing effect elements

Sebum 2%-3%; natural moisturizing factor 17%-18%;intercellular lipids 80% moisturizing protagonist.

The three main factors of the moisturizing effect are in the stratum corneum,which is the proportion of the water-locking function. Ceramide and other moisturizing ingredients can penetrate the stratum corneum,improve the skin's ability to lock water.


Common moisturizing ingredients in moisturizing cosmetics

① Clamp water type:ceramide/sphingolipid phospholipid cholesterol/lecithin;

② Water packaging type:natural high molecular weight mucopolysaccharide/proteopolysaccharide/heparin;

③ Air moisture absorption type:natural moisturizing factor NMF/sugar/polyol;


Dark skin needs the right medicine

Dry:pay attention to proper moisturizing.

Thick hair dullness:Hair removal Hair removal;

Dust type dullness:Remove aging keratin;

Oil oxidation caused by cosmetics:stop using cosmetics for a long time.

Gray-yellow brown color produced by saccharification: adjust your diet with too much sugar.

Melanin dullness:inflammation caused by the sun, use cosmetics containing whitening ingredients;

Turquoise dullness caused by poor blood circulation: massage, fitness, no cold.