Hair removal instrument can permanently remove hair

Can the hair removal instrument permanently remove hair


After repeated hair removal, the hair removal instrument can make the body hair completely disappear, because the hair grows from the hair follicles, and the hair removal instrument uses the principle of light selection to destroy the hair follicles through the conduction of heat. After the hair follicles are completely destroyed, they will not grow hair again, so the hair removal instrument can generally be permanently hair removal.

However, because the hair follicles have the ability to repair, hair removal needs to be repeated in order to stabilize the number of hair regeneration in the hair removal area at a lower level than before, and for people who are born with strong repair capabilities, it takes longer to achieve the effect of permanent removal.

How often is it better to use the hair removal instrument

About 1-2 weeks.

The period of use of the hair removal instrument is based on the hair growth. If the distance is too close, and the hair has not grown out, the hair removal instrument is used. If the light and heat of the hair removal instrument are not absorbed by the hair, it will directly affect the skin and cause damage to the skin. The hair growth cycle is generally about 1-2 weeks, so the hair removal instrument is generally used once in 1-2 weeks.

Is the hair removal instrument harmful to the body

There is no harm in the correct operation.

Different substances have different light absorption efficiency for different wavelengths,and the wavelengths of the hair removal instrument are specific after strict clinical trials. Generally, the wavelengths can only pass through the hair follicles of the epidermis, so that the melanin in the hair follicles selectively absorbs the laser to produce thermal effects,causing hair follicle necrosis,and will not cause damage to the normal tissues around the hair follicles. Therefore, the hair removal instrument will not cause special harm to the body under the reasonable choice of operating coefficients.

Why shave before the hair removal instrument

Avoid affecting the effect
Because the light of the hair removal instrument can only reach the hair follicle to achieve a good hair removal effect.If the excess hair on the surface is not scraped off, most of the light will be absorbed by the surface hair, and the light can not reach the hair follicle or the hair follicle is destroyed, it will lead to a decline in the hair removal effect.

Damage to the skin
And the surface of the hair is dispersed on the skin,after absorbing light and heat,it will produce greater heat,so if you do not shave off the excess hair on the surface, it may also lead to burns on the skin.