Five ways to help you get rid of head lines

With increasing age, there will be more and more wrinkles on people's faces, among which the head-up lines can be said to be very obvious.This also makes many beauty-loving women deeply distressed, because there are more head patterns,it looks old,and it will also affect the face value.So is there any way to remove head patterns?Today Xiaobian will take a look at it with everyone.

What methods can I remove head-up lines? Why do I have head-up lines? What to do with head-up lines?

Why do you have a head pattern

Decreased muscle function: Mainly because of the decline in other muscle functions,the frontal muscles are over-developed, causing the frontal lines to be more obvious.Such as congenital ptosis, because the upper eyelid levator muscle weakness can only open the eyes through the frontal muscle movement,making it obvious over time,so that the ptosis must be solved through eye plastic surgery, in order to get rid of the head lines.

Environmental impact:the harsh environment causes the skin to age rapidly,such as the wind and the sun, the face is wrinkled at the age of 20, and the age looks like 40 years old.The external environmental impact accelerates the aging of the skin,and it will also make the head lines more obvious when you are young.

Changes in epidermal melanocytes:The number of activated melanocytes decreases with age,and its reserve capacity continues to decrease,strengthening it, accelerating denaturation and destruction of dermal elastic fibers, deepening and aggravating wrinkles; and changes in dermal collagen fibers and elastic fibers determine the occurrence and development of aging appearance such as wrinkled walls, relaxation, atrophy, and capillary expansion of the skin.

Others:bad habits, commonly used to touch the forehead or frown by hand;strong light irritation,ultraviolet rays directly lead to skin aging,lack of water can also cause an increase in head lines.

Which habits can cause head wrinkles

1.Often frowning face:often a distressed expression will make the cells in the body lack vitality,and the temperament suppressed every day is likely to form a hapless face.

2.Never sunscreen:the sun is the catalyst for the skin.Ultraviolet rays will make the skin loose and dull,and promote early aging of the skin,and wrinkles will appear.

3.Incomplete makeup removal:too lazy to remove makeup, or always wash your face casually,will lead to clogged pores,make the skin age more quickly, and let the wrinkles report in advance.

4.Often stay up late:often stay up late,you will miss the best repair time for the skin,so that the skin aging phenomenon will naturally produce wrinkles.

5. No habit of drinking water: women are made of water,and women who lack water will look lifeless,and their skin will become dull and dull,and lose elasticity

6.Often touch the forehead:for a long time, it will make the head pattern appear on the forehead, which is why the head pattern has nothing to do with age.

What methods can I remove head-up lines? Why do I have head-up lines? What to do with head-up lines?

How to remove head lines

1.Proper massage can help eliminate head lines

If you want to eliminate head lines,massage is a good choice.You can put some essential oils in your palm,then rub it hot and press it in the forehead position,and then massage the abdomen of your fingers horizontally on your eyebrows. The technique is mainly pinching.Then you can perform a circular massage on the left and right sides of the bun.Press from the temple all the way to the eyebrow, so that the massage is repeated until the eyebrow is soothed.When massaging, the hands should reduce contact with the forehead, because usually inadvertently taking off the forehead will make the forehead skin become more loose.

2.Hydrate your forehead more

The lack of water on the forehead is indeed a factor that causes the appearance of head lines. When people take care of skin care, this position of the forehead is often passed by. In addition, the surface of the forehead is relatively thin, which makes it difficult to retain moisture, and this is also the factor that the forehead is more prone to oil and acne.Therefore, when skin care is usually carried out, it should be paid attention to regular facial care on the forehead, and be sure to lie flat when applying the mask, otherwise the essence will extend downwards, and the position of the forehead will lack a lot of nutrients.In addition, at night, you must ensure adequate sleep, so that the forehead can have enough circulation to reduce wrinkles.

3.Wash your face and wash your hair correctly

Usually, when washing your hair or washing your face, you should pay attention to cleaning your forehead by circling it. Not only does the cleaning effect work better,but it will not cause a friction burden on your forehead.And when washing your hair, you should avoid the posture of bowing your head because in this posture people will unconsciously close their eyes or frown, which will make the head lines form,so when washing your hair, try to choose a lying posture.

4.Apply the mask correctly

The mask has a very obvious effect on the protection and maintenance of facial skin.However, everyone must pay attention to it. Don't move around the pasted mask, especially pulling it down, because it is easy to pull the skin on the forehead, resulting in wrinkles.

5.Watermelon peel wrinkle

Peel the finished watermelon peel with a knife,then cut it into a thin piece, apply it directly on the face, take it off after 15 minutes, and wash the face with water, so that not only can the skin of the face become smooth and flawless, but also has a very good moisturizing effect, which can make wrinkles stretch.