Fine dust cleansing, dermatologists do this!

A while ago, I saw an article that the newly launched government was preparing various measures to solve fine dust. Fine dust has now become an important problem for the country to step up and solve together.

In the old days, when the yellow sand came, it was spring, so it passed, but now the aspect became so serious that it could not be seen, and the aftereffects appeared, which became a significant health threat.

Fine dust consists of a mixture of various harmful substances, among them sulfate, nitrate, ammonium, organic carbon, etc. Fine dust of less than 2.5 micrometers is about one-thirtieth of the thickness of the hair, causing various diseases, such as eyes, nose, skin, blood, as well as the respiratory system. It also directly passes through the skin, affecting skin cells such as keratin and melanin cells, and causing oxidative stress that promotes skin aging and causes dermatitis. However, as the name suggests, fine dust formed from very fine particles is invisible, so you have to deal with it steadily in life, such as face wash and mask. I also struggle to get away from fine dust these days when I go out or come back. Especially after going out, wash the face and body with a lot of fine dust.

The most important beginning and end of protecting the skin from fine dust is ‘cleansing’. In order to prevent skin trouble and aging, it is better to wash your face more carefully than usual on the day of fine dust precautions.

First, I think it's important to use the cleansing product that suits you. This is because products that do not fit your skin are rather a shortcut to ruin your skin. If you are a dry skin type, cleansing oil cleansing can help prevent skin oil from escaping. However, if you have sensitive skin that is easily troubled, or if you have acne, you should be careful because the use of oil can encourage skin trouble. This is because the oil branch of cleansing oil is more likely to remain on the face. For sensitive or acne skin, when clearing makeup, it is better to use foam, powder, mousse-type light facial cleanser with less oil and irritation than oil type.

Cleansing tips are also important. If you open the pores with a steam towel or warm water before washing, you can deep cleanse the fine dust that has accumulated deep into the skin. Steam cleansing can also help clean up keratin to make your skin smoother and cleaner.

Hand less face wash is covered with the other hand briefly before use and warmed to body temperature. This makes the cleansing effect greater. Use a small amount of water to enrich the foam of the facial cleanser, and then pay special attention to the area around the nose and hairline, where makeup residues are easy to leave, and the chin, where men are prone to inflammation by careless shaving. If rubbed too hard, it can irritate the skin and cause inflammation, so wash slowly with the ring finger in a circle. When rinsing, rub it as hard as you can, which can cause wrinkles, soapy water on your hands and wash it like a tap. In addition, you can finally finish with cold water to tighten the enlarged pores during washing. If you usually feel a lot of dryness on your face, do not wipe the water with a towel after washing, but lightly flick it with your palm to permeate the skin.

Finally, along with meticulous cleansing, lifestyle is also important. If you use sticky cosmetics when you go out, it is better to be careful because fine dust can stick to the skin, and before you touch the skin, wash your hands thoroughly and touch them.