Do I need to wash face after applying face mask in autumn

Autumn weather is relatively dry,  we need to pay attention to skin care this piece. Many people will apply a mask in the autumn, so do you need to wash your face after applying the mask? What should I pay attention to in autumn skin care? Let's take a look at it.

Do you need to wash your face after applying face mask in autumn?

1. Patch mask

Now many people like to use patch-type masks, which are simple and convenient.In a mask, the serum can reach about 35 ml.It is generally applied for 15 minutes.After applying it, there will be an appropriate amount of serum left on the face.It should be properly massaged by hand,so that the skin can quickly absorb the serum.After the massage, I feel sticky on my face.The essence should be rinsed with water, and then do skin care step by step.After the massage, the essence is almost absorbed and there is no mucus.You don't need to wash your face again, you can do skin care directly.

2. Tear-pull mask

Generally go to the blackhead mask is tear-pull, tear off when you will see a lot of things similar to sesame seeds.If you do not clean and skin care in a timely manner, it will make blackheads grow again.Tear-pull mask after tearing off should be washed with water, and then to converge water wet for 5 minutes, so that you can shrink pores,and finally do follow-up skin care work.

3. Cream or frozen mask

After doing the frozen or cream mask should be washed with water in a timely manner, you must ensure that there is no mask residue on the face,and then do the next step of skin care, so as to ensure that the skin absorbs nutrients inside the skin care products.Cream and frozen mask will bring good sealing to the skin, so after applying the mask must be thoroughly cleaned.

4. Sleep Mask

Sleep mask As the name suggests is the mask used during sleep.If you apply it overnight at night, apply a thin layer.If it is too thick, it affects the normal metabolism and breathing of the skin, but after waking up on the second day, you must thoroughly use the facial cleanser to wash your face.