Clear eye makeup, stop reddening

Corona 19 has also been shown to affect the purchase of tonal makeup. According to a report, due to the reduction in mask wearing and going out, the use of color cosmetics has decreased sales, and the number of purchases has also atrophied.

The factor to consider when buying tonal cosmetics was “color power”, which is the color shown after makeup before Corona, but now that corona persists, “lasting power”has changed its consideration ranking as an important purchasing factor. In other words, the adhesion and durability are high, the preference of products that do not fit well into the mask has been changed to a high, and the stage of skin makeup has also been simplified by making a light makeup rather than making a thick skin makeup due to the mask.

Eye shades are still used a lot for clear eyebrows and clear eyes as areas exposed when using masks, but when eye makeup thickens, dermatology increases eyelids and dermatitis around the eyes. The concentration of heavy metals in eyeshadow or eyeliner is often higher than in other products, especially in dark green or black, so you can see if dark eye makeup is irritating to the skin.

Tint products used for eye makeup may contain ingredients that cause skin irritation, including contact dermatitis. In particular, nickel, cadmium, etc.are not artificially added, but technically in some cases it is difficult to remove completely, there is a stipulation of the concentration allowed for nickel eye cosmetic products 35㎍/g or less, cadmium can be used within the range of the permissible concentration, such as 5㎍/g or less. However, if there is an allergy to nickel, etc., contact dermatitis may occur. In addition, if you apply eye makeup over the base makeup with high adhesion and lasting power, you need to do a meticulous cleansing to clear the makeup, which can cause contact dermatitis due to irritation to the eyelid skin.

The eyelids are very thin, about 0.05 mm thick, and are prone to irritation with makeup and cleansing that is repeated every day. If you leave contact dermatitis on the eyelid, over time, you will develop small wrinkles, so it is relatively common to have problems not only with dermatitis, but also with wrinkles.

If the eyelids are red and keratin is accompanied by redness, it is better to discontinue the tonal cosmetics such as mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner you are using. It is helpful to check if face washes, such as makeup remover, worsen irritation, and reduce the use of cleansing by reducing makeup as much as possible. In addition, it is recommended to apply products containing ingredients such as allantoin, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol that help regenerate, but if you feel stings when using, you should stop using them. If redness is accompanied by itching and tingling and does not improve after 2-3 days, it is necessary to seek medical attention from a dermatologist.