Causes of spot formation

Pigmentation is now a more common skin problem.Due to various subjective and objective reasons, middle-aged women no longer have pigmentation on their faces,and young girls may also be plagued by pigmentation problems. The reason for the formation of pigmentation.

1.UV is the culprit of the formation of spots

Ultraviolet light in the sun is an important reason for the formation of spots. When the skin is exposed to too much sunlight, more melanin particles are produced on the surface of the skin. Melanin gradually increases to a certain amount, forming spots. In addition, ultraviolet light can cause normal freckles to darken in color.

2. The relationship between irregular menstruation and half-color

Irregular menstruation can lead to endocrine disorders,which is also an important reason why women will have pigmentation, menstruation, pregnancy and other changes in sex hormone levels, affecting melanin production.

3.The main cause of freckles is genetic

Freckles are an autosomal dominant genetic disease in which the same freckle pattern can occur continuously for several generations in the same place. Excessive exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light can promote and aggravate the disease. Chinese medicine believes that the number of kidneys is not the evil of shallow floating and static knots, or blood cracks, wind and fire knots, external diseases and evils.

4. The relationship between cosmetics and spots

Improper use of cosmetics:The use of cosmetics that are not suitable for your own skin can cause skin allergies. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light during treatment will cause the skin to accumulate mililanin pigment in the inflamed area to resist external invasion, resulting in pigmentation.

5.Should pay attention to foreign objects in contact with the skin

Many things in our daily lives will contain harmful ingredients,such as washing powder, detergent,toilet water,including alkali, bleach, etc., which contain these two main chemicals.If you remove stains, it will cause damage to the skin.

6. Spots due to irregular work and rest

Lack of sleep can also increase the level of melanin in the skin. People with unstable sleep time,the metabolism of the skin is not well satisfied, and it is easy to produce melanin particles.