Can I rub my eyes after drawing eye shadow

Drawing eye shadow can be said to be a must-have skill for many girls now,and it is unlikely that many people now go out without makeup.So for the novice, a lot of people have a question,after drawing eye shadow eye itching can rub it?Will it affect the makeup?What should I pay attention to?

Can I rub my eyes after drawing eye shadow

It is not recommended to rub the eyes after drawing eye shadow, which can easily cause cosmetics to enter the eyes.After the cosmetics into the eyes, will cause irritation damage to the cornea conjunctiva, it will be accompanied by the symptoms of tear pain.It is easy to cause allergic conjunctivitis,itchy eyes, rubbing more and more itchy, rubbing the eyes will appear white eye ball conjunctival edema, serious similar blisters.

What do you need to pay attention to when drawing eye shadow

  • Minimize makeup splashing into the eyes.If accidentally splashed into the eyes or the eyes appear itchy, foreign body sensation, etc., do not rub the eyes, should immediately rinse the eyes repeatedly with water.
  • To remove makeup thoroughly, apply a hot towel to the eyes after removing makeup to relieve eye discomfort,and regularly disinfect makeup tools.
  • Do not wear makeup overnight,use a special makeup remover to clean the root of the eyelashes, to prevent residue.

How to remove eye shadow cleanest

  • Apply a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover to the eyes,gently massage with your fingers, so that eye makeup can fully contact the makeup remover product.
  • After applying for 30 seconds to 1 minute, gently rub from top to bottom,it is easy to remove eye makeup.
  • With the new cotton pad, fold it under the eyelashes, and then dip the cotton swab in the makeup remover from the root of the eyelashes out of the eyelashes gently rub the eyelashes.
  • Finally, gently press up the upper eyelid with your little finger,and also wet the cotton swab with wet makeup remover to clean the residual eyeliner at the root of the eyelashes