Can I apply face mask every day to moisturize?

Hydration can be said that most girls have to do things, a winter skin is more dry,then apply a mask every day can moisturize?

Although the mask can be hydrated, but the mask can not be applied every day, generally according to the skin type to apply the mask.For example, people with oily skin it is best not to apply a mask every day, especially patch mask, even if it is a quick hydration of the water mask is not suitable for daily application,the wrong method of applying the mask not only can not hydrate,but also cause damage to the skin.

Precautions for applying the mask

1. Clean the skin before applying the mask

Only the surface of the skin oil, sebum and aging keratin completely removed, the skin is really clean,the basal layer of cell division will become active,the skin will absorb more nutrients.

2. The best time to apply the mask

12: 00 pm to 3: 00 am is the time for the skin to repair damaged cells on its own,so it is best to apply it before this time or before bedtime to help send nutrients to the bottom of the skin with metabolism.

3. Choose the type of mask

Different skin types can choose different effects of the mask,if your skin has obvious problems such as fine lines, dryness and roughness, then choose the right serum to accelerate the skin's nutrient and moisture supply.

4. Pay attention to cleaning after application

After removing the mask, apply clean warm water to wash the residue on the face,and then apply a cold towel to the face for a moment, you can shrink pores,and finally apply emollient cosmetics.