Can eating tomatoes whiten? What are the best way for whitening

Whitening can be said that a lot of girls are pursuing, so often eat tomatoes can whiten it?What are the ways to whiten your teeth?

Can eating tomatoes whiten?

Tomatoes have a certain effect on skin whitening.Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C,which is an antioxidant that can effectively inhibit the formation of melanin and has a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of freckles.Tomatoes contain natural pectin ingredients, can effectively remove garbage and toxins in the human body, regular consumption can make the skin glow, whitening beauty.

What are the whitening foods

1. Carrots

Carrots are rich in pectin, which can be combined with mercury,so that harmful components in the human body can be eliminated,and the skin looks more delicate and rosy.

2. White radish

Radish is rich in vitamin C, vitamin C is an antioxidant, can inhibit melanin synthesis, prevent fat oxidation, prevent lipofuscin deposition.Therefore, often eat white radish can make the skin white and delicate.

3. Cucumbers

Cucumber contains a lot of vitamins and free amino acids,as well as rich fruit acid, can clean and whiten the skin, eliminate sunburn and freckles, relieve skin allergies.

4. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are rich in protein and vitamins,low in fat and cholesterol-free.Eating mushrooms will make women's estrogen secretion more vigorous, anti-aging and anti-aging, so that the skin is gorgeous.

What are the methods of whitening

1. Must be sun-proof

Sunscreen is added to block or absorb ultraviolet rays of sunscreen, can prevent the skin from being tanned,sunburn, prevent skin aging.Whether it is summer or winter, it is necessary to protect the sun.

2. White vinegar washes face

Wash your face with two spoonfuls of white vinegar in warm water,then gently pat your face with cold water, whitening can also shrink pores, but this method can not be used often,although white vinegar is washed with water,but for a long time on the cuticle of our skin will be damaged.

3. Often eat some vitamin E and vitamin C can whiten, can also freckle, and it is also good for the body.