Body Moisturizing System

Moisturizing doesn't just mean applying moisturizer, it just protects and moisturizes the epidermis through its appearance. True long-term hydration still depends on our body. The human body itself has a perfect moisturizing system,and the dermis is the source of water, so to speak. ”The interstitial cells of the dermis contain a lot of water,without them, the water retention capacity of the dermis will decrease.

Soluble moisturizing water between epidermal cells absorbs moisture from the dermis like a water pump and moisturizes the stratum corneum of the epidermis. The closer to the dermis layer,the higher the moisture content. The greater the distance,the lower the moisture content.

In order to maintain skin health, don't forget to drink more water, eat more food that nourishes yin and shengjin, supplement vitamin C, vitamin E and collagen, and improve the water retention capacity of the dermis.