Benefits of drinking honey water

Benefit one:skin care and beauty

Fresh honey applied to the skin can play a moisturizing and nutritional role, making the skin delicate, smooth and elastic.

Usage:After diluting with honey and 2-3 times water, apply to the face every day.You can also use cereal, protein and honey to make a mask to apply the face.* * Face for 10 minutes when used,so that the nutrients of honey penetrate into the skin cells.

Benefit two:Restore fatigue, especially after staying up late

Among all natural foods, the energy required by brain neurons is the highest in honey.Fructose and glucose in honey can be quickly absorbed and utilized by the body to improve the nutritional status of the blood.

Usage:One cup of honey water at noon.

Benefit three:promote digestion

Studies have proved that honey has a regulatory effect on gastrointestinal function and can make gastric acid secretion normal.Animal experiments have confirmed that honey has the effect of enhancing intestinal peristalsis and can significantly shorten the defecation time.

Usage: Honey has a good effect on colitis and habitual constipation, and there are no side effects.Honey can make stomach pain and stomach burning disappear,red blood cells and hemoglobin values grow high.People suffering from gastroduodenal ulcers often take honey, which also has an auxiliary effect.

Benefit four:improve immunity

A variety of enzymes and minerals contained in honey can improve human immunity after synergistic action.Experimental studies have proved that feeding mice with honey can improve the immune function of mice.