Beauty experts teach you the basics of skin care

Women's essential basic knowledge of beauty and skin care,how many do you know?Although many women take care of their skin every day, their understanding of beauty and skin care is also very lacking.Here's to share some beauty and skin care knowledge with you. You can learn about it now if you are interested.

1.Ingestion of ingredients with antioxidant effects

Eat more foods with antioxidant effects such as vitamin C, E,green tea polyphenols,grape polyphenols, etc., are ingredients with antioxidant effects, you can consume more fruits;because grape polyphenols are present in grape seeds, it is recommended to eat grapes, you can change to drink grape juice, even grape seeds together with juice, in order to effectively consume grape polyphenols.

2.Reduce peroxide formation

Peroxide is the main cause of free radicals,if you can avoid it as much as possible, you can effectively prevent cell oxidation.Such as smoking less, eating less fried food, etc., can effectively avoid the formation of peroxides in the body.

3.Pay attention to moisturizing at any time

Take 2000ml of water a day,and carry moisturizing products at any time and replenish them in a timely manner to avoid dry fine lines on the skin.

Moisturizing tips:You can use a paper film to soak lotion and make a five-minute moisturizing small mask.

4.Moderate exfoliation

Depending on the condition of your skin, moderate exfoliation, exfoliation does not have to be carried out on the whole face, it can be targeted to the local area.The simple way to determine when and where the skin should be exfoliated is as follows-when the skin on the face becomes coarse, pores become obvious, and acne appears, it is all a sign of exfoliation.