Autumn sensitive skin care know-how delivered by dermatologists!

Mr. A(39), who has never thought that his skin is sensitive, becomes more worried when it comes to the season. If you use any sample cosmetics, your skin will redden when the season begins. I tried to take the drug to restore the red skin, but the effect did not last long, and I was more concerned than usual to care for the skin, so the stress only piled up.

Even if you have a healthy skin like Mr. A, your skin becomes easily sensitive during the season. The word "as the seasons change" does not mean a simple change in the seasons, but includes the condition of the skin that changes due to changes in temperature and humidity. In order to maintain healthy skin in this environment, the first thing to do is to throw away the summer habits from the time when the wind is felt. Along with this, it is important to have a lifestyle that makes your skin healthy.

First, it is better to change the washing method. If the cleansing of sebum and sweat in the summer is expressed as a smooth face, gentle fingertip massage and slippery face wash are necessary in the weather. Especially if the skin is sensitive, the skin reacts sensitively to mild irritation when washing. If your skin is red or hot, it is better to reduce the number of face washes to a minimum. It is also helpful not to use cleansing oil as a primary cleansing agent. This is because the secondary washing agent is used to remove the slippage of the cleaning oil. It can be irritating to sensitive skin because it cleans while wiping with commercially available cleansing tissue. It is better to foam enough from your hands and then wash your face than to apply the cleanser directly to your face. When washing, too hot or cold water can cause irritation to the skin and interfere with clean cleansing, so wash with lukewarm water. In the morning when you feel dry, it is better to wash lightly with water, and in autumn and winter, when the skin is prone to dryness, focus on moisturizing facial cleansing rather than often. After washing, do not wipe the water with a towel, beat it with your palm for absorption, and then apply the essence to prevent the skin from drying out. Additionally, you can use face packs 1-2 times a week to deliver nourishment along with moisture.

The second is keratin, which is the biggest problem in the autumn season. Excessive peeling of keratin can damage the outer surface of the skin, making it more dry and problematic. Therefore, if you are sensitive skin type, it is better to remove only about once a fortnight, exfoliating keratin. When using exfoliants, it is most important not to injure the skin, but it is better not to apply as much as possible because the skin is hot around the eyes and mouth. If the use of exfoliating agents is burdensome, place a warm steam towel on the face for 3-5 minutes and wipe and remove it, or use a product that contains exfoliating function in the skin and cleansing agent. When rinsing, wipe clean with lukewarm water so that no residue is left on the skin, and after exfoliation, the skin may temporarily dry, so it is better to increase the amount of moisturizer a little more than usual or apply essence and cream in a 1:1 ratio.

Finally, if the skin is irritated by the friction caused by exfoliation, it can become more sensitive, so it is helpful to apply a moisturizer in a cream formulation containing vaseline.

Among several skin types that are difficult to care for, it is sensitive. Dryness can be more focused on moisture management, intellect can be more focused on oil management, but sensitivity can cause trouble if the management is a little excessive, and lack can lead to dry eczema. If changing your lifestyle does not improve, it is necessary to find a dermatologist.