7 diets that are effective for women's diets

There are many methods that are good for diet, but most diet methods have different results for each person. The first thing to do is to find the right way for you, but recently seven diets have been introduced to help you.

According to a press release from Healthline, seven diets have been introduced that help women's diets.

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1. Vegetable diet
A plant diet consisting of plant-derived foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and beans, has been found to be effective in reducing body fat in several studies. In addition, some studies of women have found that eating more fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of obesity and weight gain.

2. Low Carb Diet
A low-carb diet refers to a diet that limits the consumption of foods high in carbohydrates, such as cereals and starches. There are several types of this diet, but usually it is usual to limit carbohydrate intake to less than 26% of the total daily calories.

A review of 17 studies found that a low-carb diet was effective for short-term weight loss compared to a low-fat diet, and other studies found that it could provide benefits for women's problems, including improving hormone levels and menstrual irregularities. However, pregnant or breastfeeding women should be avoided.

3. WW (Weight Watchers)
WW is a popular weight loss program created in the 1960s. A review of 39 studies showed that people who used WW for one year lost 2.6% more weight than the control group. In addition, after two years, Jado maintained more overall weight loss than Kun.

4. DASH Diet
The Dash diet, aimed at preventing high blood pressure and lowering blood pressure levels, recommends eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fatty protein sources, while limiting red meat and foods high in sugar or salt. It has been reported to improve heart health and help with weight loss.

5. Mediterranean Diet
Considered one of the healthy eating habits, the Mediterranean diet aims to consume healthy fats such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and olive oil. In fact, a large study of more than 32,000 people found that this diet significantly lowers the risk of obesity and abdominal obesity.

6. Jenny Craig
This is a program that helps streamline weight loss and helps you reach weight loss goals through individual coaching. Several studies have reported that people who used Jenny Craig for 12 months experienced 4.9% more weight loss than others.

7. Noom
Num is a mobile app that supports continuous weight loss by cultivating healthy habits. This focuses on nutrient-rich foods, such as low-calorie fruits and vegetables, although there are no prohibited foods.

A study of 36,000 people found that about 78% of participants experienced weight loss while using Num for an average of more than nine months, and another small study found that women who used virtual coaching programs such as num for eight weeks had significant weight loss and emotional behavior improvement.