5 Things to help improve Skin Elasticity

Losing elasticity and saggy skin can lead to loss of self-esteem in several moros. These symptoms, which can be experienced as a cause of aging, sudden weight loss, childbirth, and UV exposure, are surprisingly likely to improve to a certain extent if lifestyle management is done well.

According to news reported by Medicalnewstoday, it is known that if you change your lifestyle depending on the cause and extent of skin sagging, you can expect to recover skin elasticity to a certain extent, including exercise, cosmetics with skin elasticity, collagen, antioxidants, and massage.

1. Exercise
Increasing muscle mass through exercise can help improve skin elasticity, especially in the legs and arms, and is also effective in improving elasticity around the chin and neck.

2. Functional cosmetics that improve skin elasticity
Cosmetics containing retinoids are effective in improving skin elasticity. However, the American Dermatological Association explained that these products do not penetrate deeply into the skin to improve skin elasticity.

3. Collagen
Collagen has recently become popular because it is effective for skin elasticity. A study in the U.S. Journal of Pharmacy and Physiology found that taking collagen for eight weeks improves skin elasticity.

4. Antioxidants
Skin aging acts as the main culprit of poor elasticity. And antioxidants help neutralize free radicals that cause skin aging,and the representative ingredient is Vitamin C. In particular, vitamin C is important enough to significantly reduce collagen production if not consumed in the right amount.

5. Massage
Excellent massage to improve blood circulation and remove impurities such as free radicals also positively helps skin elasticity. In addition, massage is effective in improving skin elasticity by stimulating fibromyalgia, and in another study, the effect of anti-aging face creams and portable massage devices was examined to increase the effect of creams on facial wrinkles as well as neck skin sagging, etc.