5 Habits that worsen Skin health

The skin is a body organ that has a large share in determining the beauty of your appearance. The standards of beauty are constantly changing with the times, but healthy and elastic skin, like the immutable law, is an essential condition for becoming a beauty.

There are many people who care about skin care to make their appearance. There are many people who strive in many ways to care for their skin, from expensive functional cosmetics to various skin procedures. However, the fact that the skin plays an important role in appearance is also a factor that causes skin care to be neglected. If you are not interested in caring for your appearance, you do not pay attention to skin care because you think that your skin does not have a different effect on your health.

However, if you want to keep your body healthy, you should not neglect skin care. The skin is a film that covers the body surface of the animal, protecting the outermost internal organs and playing a key role in life support, according to the Times of India, which reports on five habits that must be improved in order to protect the health of the skin.

1. Habit of falling asleep without washing

When you leave work in a state of exhaustion due to various tasks, you will droop like a watery cotton. In this case, various fine dust and harmful substances that penetrate the skin while going out can clog the pores and cause a variety of skin diseases, including trouble. Therefore, even if you are tired, it is better to remove the substances attached to the skin by washing and showering before falling asleep.

2. Use oil-based skincare products before going out

Moisturizing is essential for skin health, so many people want to keep their skin moist by using skincare products containing oil before going out so that their skin does not dry out. Of course, oil products can help if the skin type is ultra-dry or in the winter when the humidity is low, but if you are not dry skin, or if you apply oil products in the hot and humid summer like these days, the skin oil and moisture balance is easily broken, as well as pores open and dust on the skin, the problem can

3. Leaving dry skin

If the skin is dry like a desert, it can lead to skin damage and premature aging. Therefore, you should use moisturizing products that suit your skin type so that your skin does not become dull.

4. Use too many products on the skin

However, it is also dangerous to apply too many products for skin care. If you want to protect your skin health, you should carefully examine and select the product that suits your skin type rather than the number of products, because using a product that does not fit your skin type can cause trouble to your skin.

5. Neglect mobile Phone Hygiene

Mobile phones, such as smartphones, are a must for modern people, and there are many who do not let their phones go out of their hands all day. There are countless bacteria in our hands, and sometimes we touch our phones without washing our hands. For this reason, the mobile phone is likely to be inhabited by various bacteria, and if you contact the face to receive a phone call, the bacteria and harmful substances on the surface of the mobile phone can penetrate the skin and cause skin disease. Therefore, if you are looking for skin health, it is better to take care of mobile phone hygiene thoroughly.