5 Easy Mistakes to Make with a Mask

Want to know more? Check out our list of 5 common mistakes by beauty mask manufacturers.

NO1#Apply mask on dirty skin

Call it pure laziness or ignorance!

As a rule of thumb, you should prepare your skin before using the treatment. There are two reasons for this.

First of all, the accumulation of dirt, grease and cosmetics acts as a barrier to prevent ingredients from being absorbed by the skin. Therefore, reducing the overall effectiveness of the mask. Second,it increases the risk of a breakthrough.

Start with cleansing the skin. Use high-quality toner when moisturizing the skin. So your mask will become magical!

No2#If the time is longer than the recommended time, the mask will be retained.

As for the popular view,if you let the mask rest longer, the effect of the mask will not be better.

In fact, our own brand mask experts believe that dry masks are the opposite. It will eventually take away all the moisture and nutrients.

Delay according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Do not apply the mask overnight or while sleeping.

3#Wash away serum residues

This is the first thing most of us do after skin treatment. If this is what you did, then you are wasting everything.

The mask actually absorbs the essence and ingredients into the water. When you tear the mask off your face, there will always be residue. It feels sticky and uncomfortable, but do not rinse.

Instead, where to put it. Gently wipe or massage the serum on the skin. If excessive, it can also spread to the neck.

There may be some remaining serum in the mask bag. Don't throw it away. Suitable for skin and massage.

No. 4#leave back film

The mask can be of slimy quality.

Most private label mask manufacturers will add additional film to the mask. This will prevent the mask from sticking out on its own when folded into the package.

Many people peel off this layer when applying a mask. It does not allow the mask material to adhere to the skin. It also affects component absorption by acting as a barrier.

5#The mask is not saved correctly

Closed masks are usually placed vertically. Let all the serum precipitate, leaving a part of the mask. Place the bag horizontally and massage thoroughly before use. It thickens the serum.

In addition, the beauty mask manufacturer recommends storing the mask in the refrigerator. A good mask has a refreshing effect.