What is the correct makeup steps tutorial?

For women who have never done makeup before, makeup will seem a lot more complicated, in fact, you just need to master the order of makeup, and then it will be much easier to do it.

Step 1: Moisturize your skin

After cleaning your skin, what you need to do is to quickly replenish the moisture, dip a cotton pad into the makeup water and cover your face as shown in the picture, maintaining it for about 2 minutes. Then choose a moisturizing and hydrating lotion to moisturize your skin with a patting technique.

Step 2: Basic care before applying makeup

Before applying the base makeup we need to do a good basic care, take the beauty lotion with moisturizing effect and dot it evenly on the skin. The first thing you need to do is to massage it gently in a circular motion to promote the absorption of the beauty lotion.

Apply a cream with shrinking and pore concealing properties to the nose area that will prevent makeup from smudging. Apply a cream with matte and blemish-covering effects around the eyes and on the sides of the nose, which will effectively conceal large pores.

Step 3: Base makeup

First, choose a foundation that suits your skin color and take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand, about the size of a coin. Use a large makeup brush to sweep the foundation on your face, and in places with large pores it can be a little thicker.

Subtle areas should not be neglected, such as small places around the eyes and the sides of the nose, the only way to produce perfect skin. Finally, gently press the face with a sponge to absorb away the excess liquid.

Step 4: Carefully draw arched eyebrows.

Step 5: Draw on the eye shadow. If you are a novice you can choose. Coffee shade this safe color, not easy to make mistakes.

Step 6: Draw eyeliner on the upper eyelid.

Step 7: Under the eye, draw a lower eyeliner about one-third of the length from the end of the eye to the middle of the eye.

Step 8: Carefully curl your eyelashes.

Step 9: Brush on mascara and brush the lower eyelid hairs as well to give your eyes a bigger effect!

Step 10, brush blush, if you are a novice, just use a large brush to lightly brush, it will make your face rosy and lovely.

Step 11, next apply lip gloss, if you are a very young girl, or just want to draw light makeup, lip line can be omitted, pink collar people, then there is still a more stylish lip line first painted on.

Step 12: If you can, brush on a brighter white color on the bridge of your nose, which is one to two shades brighter than the base powder, which can make the whole person look more radiant.

Step 13, fixing makeup fixing makeup can not be missing of course is the loose powder, to choose to absorb excess sebum can be a long time to prevent the effect of loose powder makeup. Use a large powder brush to take loose powder and sweep it on your cheeks, paying special attention to the T-zone. Then, use a puff to gently press the cheeks to create a translucent and delicate skin. Lastly, for those subtle areas around the eyes, use your fingers to set the makeup.