How to draw eye shadow and How to match the color?

Eye shadow can be said that now most girls will draw, go out to make-up inevitably draw eye shadow.So how do newbies draw eye shadow?How to match the color more appropriate?

draw eye shadow

The color of eye shadow is divided into several kinds:

  • Base color→slightly brighter than the skin tone, used for base and colored smudge
  • Transition color→slightly darker than the skin tone, used to shape the outline
  • High light color→high brightness, used for local brightening
  • Shadow color→Low brightness, used to define lines

How to draw eye shadow

Monochrome eye shadow: When applying eye makeup, use only one color.

Choose a monochrome eyeshadow and start drawing from the root of the eyelashes.In order to enhance the layering of eye makeup, the eye shadow at the root of the eyelashes can be painted thicker,slightly darker, and then gradually fade the color up until the eye shadow color disappears in the eye socket.The lower end of the eye is also smeared with eye shadow, the lower eye shadow is also smeared with eye shadow eye makeup will appear more exquisite.

Multi-color eye shadow:

Use more than two colors when applying eye makeup

Two colors: first use a light color in the upper and lower eyelids, then change the darker color around the folds of the double eyelids for application,and finally use a makeup brush to smudge the color up and down.

Three colors:Three-color eyeshadow is a base color,a mid-tone color,a dark color.The first and second step uses the base color and midtone, with reference to the two-color eye shadow method for smudging.Then the eyeliner color is drawn in a darker color along the root of the eyelashes, as well as gently in the lower third of the eye.Finally, we use a makeup brush to make the smudge transition.

Four colors:Four-color eye shadow Compared to three-color eye shadow, there is one more brightening color.The painting is similar to the three-color eye shadow, the biggest difference is the use of light eye shadow in the middle of the upper eyelid to brighten, in order to increase the three-dimensional sense of the eyes.The lower eyelids can also be brightened with light eyeshadow, so that the eyes appear larger.

How to match the color of eye shadow is more appropriate

Chinese women have thicker eyelids,lighter orbits and yellow skin tone and other reasons, the international popular gold, blue and silver colors are not suitable, will make the eyes appear bloated, the skin tone is gray.Light pink, light orange, pink purple, apricot are very suitable for Chinese colors, these colors are not only natural but also make yellow skin tone appear healthier, bright.

The general choice of eye shadow color, should be based on the makeup of the skin tone, clothing style and the occasion to be attended to determine.