Can I still wear makeup if I have acne?

One of the major problems of skin care is acne, acne affects the beauty and affects the mood. There are many reasons for acne, such as: not removing makeup, excessive cleaning, endocrine disorders, menstruation, fire and so on. So can you wear makeup when you have acne?

If you only occasionally have a little acne, then makeup is actually not a big obstacle, but if you are very serious acne skin, the advice is: not to wear makeup.

Why is it not advisable to wear makeup when you have acne?

If we use makeup frequently at this time, the area on the surface of the skin to accommodate the growth of microorganisms will be greatly increased. At this time, if we do not regulate ourselves, the skin will deteriorate further. Then the face will not be able to look ~~

A: The problem of the primer itself

The oil content of the base makeup is more, after contact with the skin is more conducive to the growth of bacteria, if not cleaned for a long time, is tantamount to a bacterial culture medium.

If your skin is oily, it may block the pores and stimulate inflammation, leading to acne.

The actual fact is that the actual product will be a lot more irritating and acne-inducing.

B: Makeup tools are not clean

When applying base makeup many people will choose to use brushes, sponges or air cushion puffs a makeup tool. Even if you wash them regularly, bacteria will still remain during use.

If you are using your hands to apply the base makeup and do not have the habit of cleaning your hands in time, why acne grows more and more violent or the reason why acne comes out after makeup, it should not need to say much ~.

C: Excessive friction

The process of skin makeup will certainly touch and rub the skin, whether it is with a soft brush or with fingers, the strength to grasp improper, vigorous friction skin will lead to epidermal damage.

D: Incomplete makeup removal

Makeup residue on the skin stimulates the skin, further stimulating inflammation, and more and more acne will not be able to hold it down!

What if I have to wear makeup?

I have to wear makeup for some objective reasons. What should I do at this time? Then minimize this negative impact while wearing makeup! So, you guys with acne skin must pay attention.

A: Do a good pre-makeup base

You can choose to use pure plant and mild skincare products to ensure that the foundation will become more comfortable to follow.

B: Choose a clear skin care foundation

For acne skin, the choice of foundation is crucial because it is the foundation that stays on the face for the longest time, so it must be chosen with good care.

It is recommended that students with acne-prone skin try to choose skin-care foundation, which will be lighter and not stuffy.

C: Make good use of concealer

For red pimples and pimple marks, it is recommended to choose a concealer that is one shade darker than your skin, so that the effect will be better.

The amount of attention can be appropriate, do not apply too much Oh! The thicker you put on it, the more it will smother your acne!

D: Seriously remove makeup

It is especially important to remove makeup for acne-prone skin. If you don't remove your makeup properly, you will always have the possibility of acne!

Choose a lighter texture, with mineral oil composition makeup remover products should also try to avoid. Because mineral oil for many acne skin is fatal.

E: Sunscreen can not be sloppy

The acne is somehow an inflammatory reaction, please try to avoid sunlight, because sunlight will intensify the inflammation. It is important to protect yourself from the sun, but be sure to choose a light-textured sunscreen product.

F: Not recommended to use air cushion BB

If you are new to makeup, using air cushion foundation is not recommended because it is really very easy to get acne if you are not used to it.

The air cushion foundation takes away a lot of bacteria because the puff needs to be pressed repeatedly on the face and the compact, back and forth - the bacteria in the face are brought into the foundation, and the bacteria in the foundation are brought back to the face. In addition, the oil content of the air cushion foundation itself is high, very easy to cause acne.

The relationship between acne and makeup is tangled and subtle, "small" acne makeup will not be too big a problem, but serious acne skin or less makeup, use pure plant soothing ingredients products, repair the skin barrier, prevent other skin damage and stimulation, restore the skin's healthy cycle.