There are 4 myths about hair removal

Some women choose hair removal because of the dense hair.However, many women fall into hair removal myths.So, what are the common misconceptions about female hair removal?

Myth 1: The thicker the hair, the faster it grows

In 1928, medical research proved that there was no difference in the growth rate and thickness of hair before and after shaving, so whether shaving, cutting hair, or shaving leg hair, it would not cause hair to grow thicker or faster.

After we scraped the leg hair, we found that the growing leg hair seems to be thicker, probably because the growth section of the hair after scraping is visually thicker.

Myth 2: Plucking hair is better

Hair removal will not be better, both time-consuming and laborious, but also may cause damage to the skin.Plucking itself can cause a lot of irritation to our skin,excessive force may also pull to the skin to cause unnecessary damage.

Plucking may cause sagging skin, pigmentation and other problems, careless operation may even cause uneven skin, which can be very ugly.

Myth 3: Hair removal affects sweat discharge

The human hair follicles and sweat glands are two independent structures, shaving will make the hair shorter, laser hair removal will make the growth cells in the hair follicles are destroyed,neither of which does not destroy the sweat glands, will not affect the human body sweating.

Myth 4: One hair removal operation is enough

Once after the hair removal surgery is not enough, it usually takes 3 to 5 times to achieve a stable hair removal effect.After hair removal surgery is to destroy the hair follicles, after surgery will generally have two results.

First, the hair follicles are completely destroyed and no longer grow hair.Second, the hair follicle is not completely destroyed,it needs to go through several surgeries to end the hair follicle.

Another reason is that when hair removal surgery is done, the hair is removed during the growth period,and the hair during the telogen period is not removed.Wait until the telogen hair grows out, but also need to clean up again,so generally need 3 to 5 hair removal surgery, in order to keep the hair in a relatively stable state.

How to relieve various undesirable phenomena after hair removal

1. Small red spots appear after hair removal

If there is no exfoliation before hair removal, there may be a large number of red spots after hair removal, no matter what kind of hair removal method to choose, 24 hours before hair removal must be exfoliated, which can completely remove dead skin,prevent some newly grown hair clogged under the skin, resulting in red spots.

2. Hair removal of residual small black spots

Some people take a bath in the morning after hair removal, but the effect is very undesirable, because in the process of sleep legs will be in a state of puffiness, will hide a small part of the hair, wake up after the hair has not been fully produced,so there will be residual small black spots after hair removal.Hair removal should be arranged in the evening, so as to be able to shave more thoroughly.

3. The newly grown hair is thick and black

Frequent hair removal will make the newly grown hair thick and black and hard.If you choose beeswax hair removal, hair removal every 3 to 4 weeks, so that the new hair grows out when there is enough length, so as to be caught by beeswax.Legs and bikini hair, generally grow to about 6 mm in order to be able to remove hair.

4. There is obvious pain after hair removal

Hair removal during menstruation, there will still be obvious pain after hair removal, because during menstruation or before and after menstruation, affected by hormones, enhance blood circulation,increase the body's sensitivity to external stimuli, so beeswax hair removal or the use of hair remover will have obvious pain.The time of hair removal should be scheduled during the ovulation period of the woman.

5. Local skin is scratched

When using razor blades many times, if you do not apply grease, then there may be skin scratching problems,with grease can not only reduce the blade to the skin a little irritation, but also to remove additional hair.In the hair removal area is to apply the right amount of grease, which can make the hair more upright, so that the hair removal becomes cleaner.

6. The skin pores become large and dry

If you do not apply skin care milk in time after shaving, skin pores will become large and dry,hair removal should be applied in time, rinse with warm water first, then apply a firming toner, and finally apply a small amount of lotion.