Natural moisturizer that will save your dry skin.

I've always had dry skin. The kind that absolutely cannot escape without moisturizing every time I take a shower and during both my morning and evening routines. But as long as I had any kind of nourishing cream and didn't cut corners during my beauty routine, my skin was generally fine. read more

Habit That Completely Improve Your Skin

In my experience, there is no in between lighting in hotel bathrooms. When it's good, my confidence is high and I know that the vacation glow must be doing really phenomenal things to my complexion. I head into the day feeling fresh and ready for anything. But when it's bad, I question my home mirror and wonder just how long my pores have been looking like this. I spend more time putting on makeup, more time trying on and throwing away clothing options, and more time thinking about how I look than I do the vacation scenery around me. In short, I've wasted far too much time obsessing over my skin on vacation. read more

7 Surprising Culprits That Make Atopic Dermatitis Worse

Atopic dermatitis is a mystery. I've spent a lifetime unplanned and coated in thick body lotions, eliminated certain foods, vacuumed poor carpets to death, but the itchy patches always resurface like a pesky ex that won't quit. Apparently, I'm not alone; more than 3 million people suffer from irritated and red itchy skin due to a variety of factors. We all know the common causes - scratchy fabrics, dry soaps, fragrant skincare - but the triggers vary from person to person, making it impossible to pinpoint the exact reason for the flare-ups. To identify what might be bothering sensitive skin, I rounded up some of the less common causes that I've found to trigger patches and tapped a top dermatologist to explain why. Here's what I learned. read more

Skin care: 5 tips for healthy skin

1. Protect yourself from the sun
One of the most important ways to take care of the skin is to protect the skin from sunlight. Lifetime exposure to the sun can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems, and increase the risk of skin cancer. read more

Dry skin-what's behind it

Healthy skin is full of vitality and elasticity. But in winter, even healthy skin loses its moisture balance. On cold days, the sebaceous glands produce less oil. Without the protection of this lipid layer, it is difficult to maintain the skin's moisture level. In addition, the blood vessels under the skin constrict, reducing the oxygen supply.
This can cause the skin to feel greasy, peeling, and red. Areas with thin skin or lack of subcutaneous (fat) tissue, such as the lower legs, elbows, and knees, are particularly vulnerable. If you are curious about the causes of dry skin, learn more here. read more

What type of skin are you?

What type of skin are you?
• Normal skin is naturally smooth and elastic. Dryness or tightness is not obvious on normal skin. Almost perfect skin. It is very moderately tight, so it is smooth and elastic. It is not sensitive and has good blood circulation. But even normal skin needs moisturizing and protection to look healthy. Lightweight moisturizing lotions can also provide nutrition and maintain luster.
• Dry skin really needs care. The protective barrier of dry skin is weak, so letting it dry will cause the skin to crack and peel. Care for your skin with thick creams and masks.
• For dry and very dry skin, it is important to provide enough fat and moisture. Start your care with a thick intensive care cream. read more

Thigh cellulite: simple tips and advice

What is cellulite and what causes it?

Cellulite is the transformation of connective tissue by subcutaneous fat. It is sometimes compared to orange peel because its skin becomes uneven. Their appearance ranges from invisible to extensive and severe. read more

The best secret for beautiful skin

The best secret for beautiful skin

The skin on the elbows, calves and knees is also beautiful
Some areas are easy to dry out. Such places always need special care, not just in the cold winter. Use Nivea SOS Care Body Lotion to prevent dry skin from pulling and itching. Nivea SOS Care Body Lotion contains the provitamin Dexpanthenol, which can enhance the skin's ability to retain moisture and prevent moisture loss by forming a moisturizing film. read more

Sunscreen that cares for the face

Sunshine: essential for physical and mental health and energy

Why sunlight is good for us
Sunlight is a natural energy that can create miracles. It helps control key functions of the body, such as sleep. Sunlight can improve our mood, increase our happiness and improve our overall health. Therefore, sunlight is not only a moment of pleasure, but also a necessity for a happy life. Use the right sunscreen to make full use of the positive energy of the sun. read more

What skin type are you?

Skin Type 1: Combination Skin
A combination of normal, dry, oily and problematic. Combination skin tends to be shiny, especially on the forehead, nose and chin, which are known as the T-zone. In contrast, the cheeks are neutral or dry. Combination skin products should be used to restore the lost moisture balance. read more

Some skin care tips

1:Be sure to drink water often

Drinking water is an important way of daily beauty and skin care,especially in summer, drink about 5 cups of water a day to keep the skin hydrated and prevent skin dehydration and other dryness! read more

7 Fat Loss Mistakes You Should Avoid

The first and most likely mistake in the fat loss process. I think the healthy breakfast that many friends think of is orange juice,milk and cereal and the like. In fact,is this really the case? In fact, these are the foods you need to control in the process of fat loss. Why do you say that? The reason is simple, because this food contains a lot of sugar. Because sugar is a kind of carbon, it is not only high in calories, but also can significantly increase insulin levels. This is what you can't see. If your insulin level rises significantly,not only are you not consuming fat,but you are more likely to accumulate fat. At the same time, it is a kind of carbon water, so if you eat it for a while, it will be stored in the form of fat. Therefore, when continuing to breakfast, these high-sugar or high-carbon foods should be avoided. However,this is not to say that everyone can't become some form of carbon capital. If you want to eat it, choose foods that do not produce a lot of insulin fluctuations, such as cereals, vegetables and fruits. Therefore, these foods are an ideal carbon number choice during fat loss. read more

Causes of spot formation

Pigmentation is now a more common skin problem.Due to various subjective and objective reasons, middle-aged women no longer have pigmentation on their faces,and young girls may also be plagued by pigmentation problems. The reason for the formation of pigmentation. read more

Some reasons for permanent makeup failure

1. Incorrect eyebrow design. Eyebrow design is the key to creating the ideal eyebrow shape. Eyebrows that are not designed according to the characteristics of the customer's eyebrows and the shape of the eyebrow bow should be a failure. read more