Natural ways to reduce wrinkles

The pursuit of youth and beauty is an eternal topic for women. Aging, on the other hand, is a woman's greatest enemy. If the skin begins to visibly appear wrinkles, discoloration, sagging and other phenomena, this is when anti-aging must also be taken seriously! To anti-aging the best way than dietary supplements, so what to eat anti-aging skin care?

Natural ways to reduce wrinkles

1. Foods can slow down the aging

1. Soya
Nutrition experts believe that "to live longer, eat more soybeans". The reason for this is that soy is one of the foods with high estrogen content in plants, which is very important for women's health. Soy isoflavones, soy protein and lecithin are recognized as natural estrogen supplements in soy milk. Drinking more soy milk can regulate female endocrine, and women who insist on drinking soy milk every day can significantly improve their mentality and physical quality, delay aging, and improve their beauty.

2. Carrot
Carrots are known as "skin food" and can moisten the skin. Carrots are rich in vitamin A and carotene. Vitamin A can keep hair shiny and skin delicate. Carotene scavenges free radicals that cause aging. In addition, the B vitamins and vitamin C and other signature nutrients contained in carrots also have the effect of moisturizing the skin and anti-aging. The aromatic smell of carrots is caused by volatile oils. It can improve digestion and has an antiseptic effect.

3. Cabbage
The vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and carotene contained in cabbage are all antioxidants, which are important for skin beauty and prevent the skin from becoming dry, rough and losing its luster. In addition, rough skin is usually due to high blood acidity, and cabbage is rich in potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other alkaline minerals, eat more can replenish the alkaline substances in the body, so that the acidic substances quickly neutralized into non-toxic compounds out of the body, the blood is maintained in a relatively ideal alkaline state, to keep the skin smooth and moist.

4. Winter melon
Winter melon is rich in vitamin C, and contains substances that can play a good moisturizing effect on the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin. Regular consumption, can effectively resist the initial generation of wrinkles, so that the skin is soft and smooth.

5. Deep-sea fish
Eat 3 times a week deep-sea fish can effectively help keep the skin young and moisturized, and salmon is the most effective of all deep-sea fish for beauty fish. Salmon contains a powerful antioxidant component - astaxanthin, the orange-red color of salmon is derived from this. Astaxanthin's antioxidant capacity is 550-1000 times that of ordinary vitamin E. It can effectively fight free radicals and slow down skin aging, while also protecting the skin from UV damage.

6. Cucumber
Cucumber contains a lot of water to help replenish the body's water, to avoid premature aging due to lack of water, in addition to the fiber contained to promote the excretion of waste. Cucumber can also be used externally to help protect the skin, smoothing wrinkles and anti-aging.

7. Yam
The yam has a beneficial effect on yin, the lungs, the skin and wrinkles, prolong the life of the face. Yam in a variety of sugar protein mixture of mucin, can increase the lubrication of mucous membranes and skin, thereby reducing wrinkles.

8. Bird's nest
Bird's nest can promote the metabolism of fibroblasts and epidermal cells, promote the development and enhancement of elastic fibroblasts, activate the regeneration of aging cells, repair aging collagen fibers and elastic fibers; synthesize and secrete more collagen, hyaluronic acid and other macromolecules, maintain a certain amount of skin fat, restore skin elasticity, make it even and firm, and reduce wrinkles.

9. Kiwifruit
Kiwi vitamin C is needed by the body and regular intake is important, where the best source of vitamin C is definitely kiwi, the fruit considered to have the highest nutrient density. Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, dietary fiber, and many amino acids. Some studies have found that kiwifruit can replenish calcium in the body, enhance the body's absorption of food, and is also rich in pectin, which can reduce the cholesterol situation in the blood.

10. Mango
Mango flesh is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D, as well as sugar, dietary fiber, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and other trace elements. Eat mango can inhibit the role of brain cell death, eat frozen mango, can make the overuse of the brain to get soothing. Mango is cool in nature and has the effect of quenching thirst and stopping vertigo, which can treat irritability, vomiting discomfort, motion sickness, seasickness and other conditions. A moderate dose of mango can anti-aging, can supplement antioxidant nutrients, can delay the symptoms of aging.

11. Grape
It contains a large number of grape polyphenols, with antioxidant function, can block free gene proliferation, effectively delay aging; it also contains tannic acid, citric acid, has a strong astringent effect and soft moisturizing effect. In addition, the grape pulp contains vitamin B3 and rich minerals, which can deeply moisturize, anti-aging and promote skin cell regeneration.

2. Ways to prevent skin aging

1. Do not ignore the details of skin care work

In the skin care, we must pay attention to many details, in general, we pay more attention to their facial skin care, most of them ignore the other parts of the body skin care, especially the neck, arms, knees and other edges almost, which are usually ignored when the skin care parts, must pay attention to, sometimes, is often these small places inadvertently reveal the signs of skin aging.

2. Learn the right way to skin care

To better delay skin aging, we must pay attention to the correctness of skin care, change the daily habits of some bad easy to hurt the skin, such as washing the face when excessive force rubbing face, rubbing hands squeeze face skin, or squeeze acne with both hands; leisure time, may wish to choose some nourishing essential oils or moisturizer more massage on the skin, to the skin to supplement adequate nutrition and moisture; more activities facial muscles to prevent premature aging of the skin; most importantly, more moisture to the skin, do a good job of sun protection.

3. More exercise and sweat to exercise the skin

If the human body sweats too little, the skin is easy to become rough and dry, and also invites a variety of skin problems, because the skin itself regulating ability to decline, metabolism will also become slow, so there should be time to do more aerobic exercise, appropriate sweat, the body of water out, people will feel comfortable, the skin also feel breathable, so as to effectively prevent premature aging of the skin.

4. Use cosmetics as little as possible

Every day with a delicate makeup, it looks like the tone will be very good, but also to cover up the aging breath? But in fact this is an illusion, long time makeup although the surface to cover up wrinkles, but in fact make the skin aging faster, many cosmetics contain hydroxybenzoic acid ester substances, this substance is easy to stimulate the normal secretion of estrogen, leading to women to enter the aging state early, especially if the makeup is not thoroughly removed, the skin will age faster.

5. Pay attention to dietary regimen to prevent skin aging

Daily life should eat more vegetables and fruits and other foods rich in vitamins, such foods contain a large number of antioxidants, can slow down the process of skin aging, and help replenish water, and legumes are rich in trace elements, vitamins and soluble fiber, can give the people after a high-intensity exercise to replenish the required amount of energy, and can help the body to maintain sufficient moisture, so that the skin becomes more youthful.