20 Ways to Fight Aging

If a middle-aged woman is told having a yellow or dark face, her heart will stutter. Every woman is beautiful, no matter what age, if the face out of the problem, not only is the precursor to aging, there may be physical problems, especially the aversion to being called "yellow face",  who do not want to close to this term,  Cecilia Cheung is the example of anti-aging success! So what are the anti-aging methods you can think of? Eat health products? Control diet? Adhere to the morning exercise? Today, I will share with you 20 anti-aging methods.

20. Keep the habit of drinking tea, tea is rich in antioxidants and anti-cancer ingredients, and the effect of stress relief.

19. Eat more fruits and vegetables, the antioxidants contained, can slow down cellular aging.

18. Keep eating staple foods every day, in order to complete the physical replenishment after carrying out high-intensity exercise.

17. Eat less sugar, excessive sugar consumption will shorten life expectancy and can lead to the pain of disease in the human body.

16. Away from cigarettes, smoking people before they get old, but also to eliminate second-hand smoke.

15. Eat less salt, high salt food will have harm to the body, eat less pickled food.

14. Eat more fish, can increase protein absorption, fish omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to skin health.

13. Less alcohol, everyone knows, but know how to discipline themselves.

12. Do not habitually raise the eyebrows, if often raise the eyebrows high, easily lead to premature appearance of head lines.

11. Pay attention to skin moisturizing, boys and girls need skin care products to take care of, so that the skin is more moisturized, more youthful.

10. Supplemental vitamin D, can promote the absorption of calcium, to ease the aging process is particularly useful.

9. Drink coffee, it is recommended to drink in the morning, not only can increase the feeling of satiety, but also can make you energetic for the day.

8. Eat less fried things fried food in very many carcinogens, should not eat more.

7. Pay attention to sun protection, you can not make up, but must be protected from the sun to resist the damage of UV rays on the skin.

6. Ensure sleep, adequate sleep is an important prerequisite for good health.

5. Do not take too many health products, you can add more required nutrients in your diet.

4. More travel and study, help brain development, keep fresh knowledge to supplement the brain health.

3. Proper bleaching of teeth for a more youthful appearance.

2. Happy can make the body release some hormones, so that the body cells in a more active state, will be more youthful.

1. Turn hula hoop, it can exercise deep small muscle groups, control the body's muscles, shaping effect is very good, can increase the body metabolism, improve the basal metabolic rate, play a very good and anti-aging effect.

Aging is irreversible, but it can be slowed down. Healthy diet + good habits + hula hoop exercise, the combination of the three, so that you stay young forever is no longer a dream, starting from this article, take action!