The difference between acne and folliculitis

Both acne and folliculitis are common skin diseases, and since both have similar symptoms and shapes when they appear, it is easy for people to get confused and take the wrong approach. Some people even think that these two are the same skin disease, but they do not know that acne and folliculitis are not the same and they are different from each other.

What is acne?

Acne is caused by endocrine imbalance and excessive sebum secretion that clogs pores. It often appears on the face, chest, back and other parts of the body, with no obvious symptoms in the early stages, and can cause pain when the inflammation is severe.

What is folliculitis?

Folliculitis is a common skin disease that is easily confused with acne. It is an inflammatory disease caused by bacteria that grow in the hair follicles and cause infection.

What is the difference between acne and folliculitis?

1. The causes are different

The reason for this is simple, most of the body resistance decline, the germs in the invasion of no way to resist the inflammation, while the complex causes of acne, germs invasion is one of the causes, hormonal imbalance, endocrine disruption, cortical secretion, pore blockage, etc. can lead to acne.

2. Different forms of expression

The patient will feel itchy or painful, and as the inflammation progresses, it will rapidly develop into a papular pustule with hairs running through the middle part. Acne can include pimples, pustules, nodules, papules, often mixed, and in severe cases, cysts can form and fuse into a single piece.

3. The location of the disease is different

Folliculitis tends to occur on the face, neck, buttocks and extremities, where there is more friction with clothing and a higher chance of inflammation. Acne can easily occur in the forehead, face, chest, back and other areas with high sebum secretion.

4. Different treatment methods

The two diseases are treated completely different, if it is mild folliculitis does not need extra attention, as long as good care can, while serious and large area of folliculitis need to use antibiotic treatment. The majority of the acne is caused by oil secretion, pore blockage, need to do a good job of care, protect the skin clean, control oil secretion.

Warm Tips

The two are similar and can be easily confused, but they have differences that need to be understood in detail so that effective measures can be taken and not be blinded when they occur. Only by judging correctly to take the relevant treatment can the disease be controlled and prevent the problem from getting worse.