How to remove acne on back

Back acne is not only unsightly, but sometimes it is also painful because of the friction of clothes. So, how do you get rid of back acne?

1. Take a bath to maintain hygiene

In the summer is the high incidence of back acne, you should do is to take a bath and maintain personal hygiene. Especially in summer, it is recommended to keep showering twice a day. And keep your personal hygiene and wash your clothes regularly. Wipe your back often and sweat from your body. This will prevent the accumulation of oil on the surface of the skin and prevent the growth of acne.

2. Adjust the diet

That summer time as much as possible to supplement the soup, less too sweet, too cold, too spicy, too salty heavy food.

3. Keep a good skincare routine

The actual fact is that you will not have to stay up too late, because when you stay up late, the oil secretion is more vigorous, it is very easy to breed back acne.

4. Use salt water bath

When you take a bath, because the water temperature is warm, so the pores of the back, will open, then you can use some salt, applied to the back to help exfoliate, but it should be noted that the application of salt when not excessive friction, so as not to damage the skin of the back. After ten minutes of application, rinse off with water.

What are the causes of back acne?

1. Problems with the function of the lungs. Whether the acne grows on the face or back, it means that your lungs need to be "disinfected". If a person often have lung heat or meridian failure, then the back is easy to grow acne. So in the face of these circumstances, it is best to take care of their lungs, often eat some lung-cleansing food, such as pears.

2. The blood circulation is not smooth. If you wear tight clothes, or the back for a long time to maintain a posture, it is easy to make the back for a long time not stretch, which leads to poor blood circulation in the back, which leads to acne.

3. Not do a good job of cleaning and hygiene. If you don't pay attention to cleanliness, such as not diligently changing clothes, not diligently washing sheets, it is easy to make bacteria stick to the skin, which leads to pore blockage, causing acne.

4. The reason for sebum secretion. The back is one of the most vigorous parts of the body sebum secretion, and this part of the stratum corneum and particularly thick, keratin can not be normal peeling, metabolism than the face is slow, about 1 and a half months cycle a cycle. So itself is prone to pore clogging phenomenon.

5. Mite breeding. Some mites are often parasitic in the pores, a large number of reproduction will cause pore blockage, so that the back oil can not be smoothly discharged. Over time, sebum and dead cells are retained and accumulate, causing the pores to be clogged. In the oxygen-deprived environment, Propionibacterium acnes and other bacteria multiply, thus inducing into acne.

6. Not paying attention to bathing. Bathing can not be rushed at will, or randomly smear the body wash and not rinse properly, in this case will also lead to acne. This is because the chemical composition of the bath products will make the skin become sensitive and easily cause allergies. So it is best to take a bath thoroughly and use some moisturizer afterwards.