How to get rid of acne fast

Can acne really be eliminated overnight? How to get rid of acne overnight? In fact, there is really no way to eliminate acne overnight, even if a good product can not play such an effect, so beauty women do not rush, choose the wrong method but harm themselves, acne needs to be slowly gradual, so as to ensure the success of acne without harming the skin.Then let's take a look at it!

get rid of acne

1. Salt and white vinegar method

This method has a good effect on acne caused by excessive skin oil secretion.Take a small amount of salt and add the right amount of white vinegar,then add a small amount of boiling water to stir until the salt is completely melted,after the three substances are well integrated together, draw the right amount of liquid with a cotton pad, apply the cotton pad to the site of acne, or use a cotton swab dipped in liquid to repeatedly wipe acne, so that you can control the skin oil secretion, inhibit the growth and growth of acne, but also make the skin firm and smooth.

2. Vitamin B2 Method

This method is mainly aimed at acne caused by endocrine disorders.Some people have very healthy skin, but it is easy to grow acne on the chin and mouth, which is caused by endocrine problems.To solve the acne caused by endocrine can be removed by oral vitamin B2, long-term use of vitamins can not only balance the skin's oil secretion, to achieve the purpose of eliminating acne, but also effectively regulate the body's endocrine, from the internal conditioning to solve skin problems, so that the skin can achieve a healthy state.

3. Ice convergence water method

Whether you wash your face with warm water or cold water, rinse the face cleanser, and then put a pot of clean water with ice cubes, repeat the face with ice water, convergence calm skin is also quite useful.Or apply ice to the red and swollen affected area, also help anti-inflammatory sedation.

4. Strawberry acne method

Wash the strawberries and mash them into juice and apply them directly to the affected area, or add honey to adjust the water when using the mask, the effect is significant, because the berry polyphenol factor in strawberries can effectively inhibit fat and control oil,and is a good product for acne.

5 Fresh milk acne method

Insist on drinking a glass of milk every morning, and of course, adhere to the external use of milk.Take half a cup of milk, pay attention to its temperature, not too cold or too hot, pay attention to let your skin adapt, then take a clean sheet of mask paper and soak it in the milk for ten minutes, then apply it to the already washed face for 15~30 minutes, stick to it 3~4 times a week, you can find the obvious effect.

Detox acne food


Contains Xix grass, can strongly penetrate pores,with obvious antibacterial and bactericidal effect.It can also prevent hair follicle sebaceous gland catheter transition keratosis caused by embolism, is conducive to the normal discharge of sebum, Chinese medicine acne to prevent sebum siltation and the formation of acne.

Wild Chrysanthemum

Pharmacological experiments have confirmed that wild chrysanthemum is a natural "antibiotic", can inhibit and kill dozens of kinds of bacteria.Therefore, it is widely used to treat various inflammation inside and outside the human body.When pimples first appear red and swollen, wash your face with wild chrysanthemum water, can quickly manipulate local inflammation,prevent pigmentation caused by pimples.


Clear heat, fire, detoxification, dampness, antipruritic effect is obvious,the initial pimples can eliminate redness and swelling.It can also inhibit excessive sebum secretion, reduce sebum siltation and form acne, maintain smooth and smooth skin, is one of the main drugs to prevent pimples.