How to effectively remove blackheads and pimples?

Blackheads are small dark spots that appear on the skin. The skin cells and oils in the follicles that die in the skin usually cause these bumps. When their skin opens up, they come in contact with the air, which makes the surface look black or dark. These bumps are therefore called "blackheads". Acne vulgaris lesions contain oxidized melanin, a pigment produced by skin cells called melanocytes.

blackheads and pimples

Many young people today are night owls and do not sleep at night when they should, so they will find themselves with blackheads and pimples on their faces, which has a serious impact on their image. The following article will give you recommendations on how to remove blackheads and pimples.

How to remove blackheads and pimples?

4 Ways to remove blackheads and pimples.

1. Try a tear-off mask

Many times the skin will grow blackheads and pimples are because we check staying up late, staying up late more than the skin will naturally go wrong, if you stay up late more than a blackhead pimple, it is recommended that you can try using a tear-off mask, through the tear to tear out the blackheads and pimples.

The main role of the tear-off mask is to help the skin clean, can help you remove the surface of the blackheads, is easier to pull out the blackheads and pimples can be sucked out through the tear-off mask, so you can use more tear-off mask if you can.

2. Blackhead Exporter

If you can, you can also try using a blackhead exporter, blackhead exporter is an instrument made specifically for more stubborn, deep blackheads, you can try using a blackhead exporter to help yourself remove blackheads and acne, but the use of blackhead exporter you must also pay attention to the number of times it is used.

3. To wash your face often, keep your skin clean

Because many times a reason for the formation of blackheads is because their own skin cleaning is not in place, and then the formation of more dust on the surface of the skin and usually their own skin is more oily, so it will form blackheads and pimples, so this time we want to remove blackheads and pimples, then we must often wash the face, keep the skin clean and clean.

4. Pay attention to hydration

If you want to reduce the formation of blackheads and pink, then you must pay attention to the hydration of your skin, because blackheads and acne is often caused by the lack of water in your skin, so as long as you do a good job of hydration, then the blackheads will not be so easy to produce.

How to get rid of blackheads and pimples? The above article mainly recommends 4 kinds of ways to remove blackheads and pimples, I hope you can try these methods in the first time after you find blackheads and pimples on the face, adhere to a period of time blackheads and pimples will disappear.