How did you get rid of acne completely?

In the following answer I'll give you an introduction from the introduction, the pathogenesis, the detours I've taken, and what should be done correctly to share my experience!

First of all, it is clear that genetic factors are indeed inseparable from acne. Most scholars believe that acne is a disease caused by the interaction of multi-gene genetic and environmental factors. Yes, that's right, it's a disease! Don't take it lightly!

Since it is a disease, as a medical student, I'll just stop by and explain the pathogenesis of acne (acne vulgaris). I will try to explain it to you in straightforward terms. The pathogenesis of acne is complex, and the current theory is that it is mainly due to the massive secretion of sebum under the action of androgens, abnormal keratinization of the sebaceous ducts, colonization by Propionibacterium acnes, inflammatory response and immunity.

In terms of endocrine factors, androgen secretion is high during puberty (for both men and women), and it is often more severe in boys than in girls. Androgen secretion will promote sebum secretion, seborrheic dermatitis and so on in the medical records, and this is inseparable. Excessive sebum props up hair follicles to provide conditions for microbial proliferation, especially acne bacillus! If basic fat particles are not handled properly, they may turn into pimples, and then develop into big pimples. Too much sebum also makes one look greasy, with weird little bumps on the face.

What is abnormal sebaceous duct keratinization again? In fact, the normal metabolism of the human body can secrete excess sebum to the skin, as long as it is not blocked in the hair follicles, there will be no acne, but once the sebaceous gland duct keratosis abnormal, the way out of the hair follicles sebum is blocked, sebum accumulation in the hair follicles, naturally, acne, acne will come. Many exfoliating and exfoliating products are aimed at this point.

The point is, the culprit of the redness and pain of acne is it - Propionibacterium acnes. This is an anaerobic gram-positive bacterium. The proliferation of this bacteria and infection, triggering the body's inflammatory response and immune response, and will also spread "acne", wildfire can not be exhausted, the spring breeze blowing again. The reason why you are told not to squeeze acne is that you are afraid of squeezing the tissue fluid containing acne bacteria into the deeper layers of the skin, which will be very troublesome once the infection enters the dermis. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. The actual anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory is a very important step in getting rid of acne, which is why it is necessary to use medicine, rather than indiscriminate use of skin care products.

I once did not take acne seriously, I thought I would be fine after puberty, and my parents and friends around me felt the same way. However!!! This is not the case! From a mild lack of attention at first, to an itchy hand squeezing it, to inflammation and widespread spread. Looking back, God knows what I've been through! Acne really puts a lot of pressure on a person's psyche, although as a guy with a thick skin, I'm usually not so concerned about what others think. But over time, there is really an inferiority complex, and it is an inferiority complex that people who do not have acne do not understand. It took two years before I made up my mind to treat it. At that time, it was already moderate acne (did not save the picture, too unbearable to see, and now I regret why I did not go to cure it earlier).

The battle against acne has been a difficult one, and I have naturally taken many detours. I hope you will not be like me.

I've been to a small hospital, met a lot of doctors, but most doctors are very unconcerned about people with acne, casually prescribe a little ointment potion or something, instructed a few words to eat less greasy, diet light just! (I'm not spitting or dissing these doctors, I'm also a medical student, I know that for doctors who have seen so many complex skin diseases, they may not really care much) The creams and drops are mainly anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. However you are not treating it enough to catch up with the speed of acne. The skin's immunity takes time, yet the acne grows faster than the treatment is desperate....

I've also been to a needle clear, which is a acne facility where someone helps you pierce the acne and squeeze out the sebum and stuff. I have to say, for mild, short-term is quite effective, but they want to make money after all, will recommend a mess of products, not only distracted, but also very expensive. But the needle clear once stopped, the long or long, simply does not match the advertising! What a waste of money!

Then I went to a professional dermatology hospital. The first thing I have to say is that the doctor takes the patient's condition very seriously and takes it very seriously. For the first time in my life, I know that acne requires oral medication! Also prescribed ointment, salve. The effect is quite good!

So, you have to go to the hospital, to the hospital where the doctor takes you seriously!

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