Does Adapalene really work on acne?

Adapalene is one of the acne guideline medications, and it is the most widely used. If you go to the hospital to see a doctor for acne, most people will get an entry-level Adapalene gel, so the status of Adapalene in acne treatment medication is naturally self-evident, so it can't be ineffective!


Let's talk about my knowledge of Adapalene, it's not just for acne, it's a miracle worker! The first time I saw a doctor for acne, I was prescribed it, and that was the first time I came across Adapalene, and then I fell hopelessly in love with it.

Why is Adapalene so popular?

Adapalene gel has been widely used in the treatment of acne since 1996. It not only promotes sebum dissolution to relieve closed pimples caused by clogged sebaceous glands. It also promotes the fading of post-inflammatory discoloration, removes acne marks, and improves skin texture and photoaging with long-term use.

Therefore, domestic and international acne guidelines list adapalene as the first-line drug alone for mild acne, the preferred combination drug for moderate acne, and the preferred drug for maintenance treatment.

Adapalene is a third-generation retinoic acid drug, which is much milder than retinoic acid, but at the same time inherits the excellent effect of retinoic acid and is not as irritating as retinoic acid, and the key is that it costs several dozen dollars a piece, which is very cost-effective.


The topical drugs themselves have a certain risk of irritation, and although Adapalene is effective, it should not be used too quickly, and should not be used with excessive force. It is normal for topical medications to take several months to start working.

How to get started for newbies

Short exposure method: For example, if you just start applying it, you can stay on your face for 5-10 minutes and then immediately wash it off with water, then continue with the next skin care step, the next day the time lengthens to 20 minutes, and so on, until it stays on your face for more than 1-2 hours without discomfort, you can try to stay overnight.

Dilution method: Dilute and mix with moisturizing milk or cream before applying to face.

Pay attention to the frequency: from once every 2-3 days, then once a day, and so on, slowly increasing the frequency of use.

How to tell if you are tolerant

Adapalene will accumulate deep in the skin, so don't say you tolerate it when you are fine for two or three days, in reality its side effects start mostly in 7-10 days.

My advice is to take a month to build up tolerance, don't rush it, and gradually increase the intensity as described above until you are using it once a day.

The most basic trilogy of skin care with Adapalene: sunscreen, cleansing, and moisturizing

For daily care, it is still the same old trio of cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection, with special emphasis on moisturizing and sun protection, which can only be used regularly with Adapalene once these two things are done. However, if the purpose is to treat acne, it is still recommended to follow medical advice and to stop at a certain point, not to take care of yourself for a long time.

Strict sun protection.
Make sure to strictly protect yourself from the sun during the application of adapalene. It is best to use hard sun protection, such as an umbrella, a hat, or a mask that is not too tight. You can also use additional physical sunscreen that does not contain alcohol, fragrance, and other substances that are more likely to cause irritation.

Gentle cleansing.
It is recommended to wash your face with warm water in the morning and evening and use a cotton wipe to gently press and absorb the moisture, avoiding rubbing back and forth. Facial cleansers, face brushes, facial cleansers, and exfoliating products that contain scrubbing particles can be put away.

Moderate moisturizing.
Some soothing moisturizers/basic moisturizers are available. Oil skin this time do not become dry skin is nervous, can be a very heavy paste of products, or likely to "smother acne smother closed mouth"! You can use products such as Andocor, Bergman 4 cream and other moisturizing and non-greasy products.