Can I use skin care products if I have acne?

Acne is a common dermatological disease, multiple diseases, is good in the face, chest, back and other sebaceous gland exuberant areas of chronic inflammatory diseases.Long acne can only wash your face with water?Is it possible to rub skin care products in winter when the skin is so dry?

The onset of acne is mainly associated with androgen, increased sebum secretion, excessive keratosis at the opening of the sebaceous gland of the hair follicle and propionibacterium acnes infection and other four factors,some patients are also related to genetic, immune, endocrine disorders and psychological stress and other factors.

Acne treatment in addition to internal and external drugs, the usual skin care is also very important.Acne can rub skin care products, but in the selection of skin care products, be sure to pay attention to less oil, not sticky,and even choose some oil-controlled skin care products.Then the choice of skin care products, the first is to have a cleansing effect, reduce the secretion of oil, can inhibit the occurrence of acne.Another is to pay attention to moisturizing, because water and oil is the most important balance between the skin,after the balance of water and oil, oil will naturally reduce secretion,so when using skin care products, use some refreshing, relatively thin lotion to skin care.Choose acne series of medical skin care products as much as possible, can repair the damaged epidermal barrier, but also targeted to improve acne conditions,such as medical cold compress, medical moisturizing milk and so on.

It should be reminded that acne patients try not to make up, avoid heavy makeup, easy to block pores, will aggravate acne.In addition, do not stay up late,eat a light diet, do not eat sweets, spicy and irritating food.

What skin care products are good for friends with acne-prone skin?

1. Cleansing Lotion

We should choose a strong cleansing power,can wash the face oil and cosmetic residues, dust cleanser, mild and refreshing, rich in vitamins and minerals, moisturize the skin.

2. Shrink water

The use of shrink water containing trace amounts of alcohol, not only can replenish moisture, regulate the skin acid-base balance,but also shrink pores, inhibit oil secretion.

3. Moisturizing cream

We should use refreshing moisturizing milk or moisturizing lotion, timely replenish the moisture on the face,we can also use fruit acid skin care products, can balance the secretion of skin oil,reduce wrinkles and acne on the face.

What should I pay attention to when my skin is prone to acne?

1. Give up alkaline foam cleanser

In order to deal with oil, people with oily skin often use a strong cleansing flour or facial cleanser to wash and decontaminate their faces, but in fact, a strong cleansing foam cleanser will take away moisture and sebum from their faces, so when we choose, we should choose a non-foaming, mild cleanser. The water temperature of the face is best at 20 degrees Celsius, overheating of the water will lead to the loss of sebum water, if the face water is too cold can not clean the oil on the face.

2. Use moisturizing toner instead of shrinking water

Shrink water containing alcohol will undoubtedly control oil secretion and shrink pores, but when used in autumn, it may dry the skin.If oil secretion is normal, you can use a cool toner or a frozen distilled water instead.Oily skin is rich in a lot of oil,so when choosing a whitening mask, choose gel and mud,the former refreshing and moisturizing, the latter usually has a cleansing effect, suitable for oily skin.

3. Pay attention to whether the selected cosmetics contain oily hydrophilic formulations

Acne friends, sometimes the right amount of some foundation on the face, so that there is a certain degree of "concealer" beautification effect, but in the choice of foundation and lipstick, pay attention to avoid oil-soluble products, so as not to exacerbate the occurrence of acne.