6 Reasons for Repeated Acne on Face

Many women always wonder, acne on the face is always repeated,finally eliminated and began to grow new acne.In the end, acne on the face is caused by the cause of it?Is acne on the face caused by fire?There are many reasons for acne on the face,only the right medicine can achieve the effect of acne, and we work together to get a simple and effective acne method.

What is the cause of acne on the face?There are many causes of acne on the face,acne on the fire is one of them.Especially chin acne will be caused by strong liver fire.The irregular daily schedule leads to insufficient sleep time, as well as daily psychological and mental stress, improper diet, etc. will lead to the breeding of acne caused by fire.

Causes of acne on the face

Endocrine flocculation

Endocrine disorders in the body, androgen and lutein promotion in the body leads to a decline in estrogen, and hormone secretion imbalance, skin oil secretion exuberant, naturally lead to exacerbate the growth of acne.

Excessive toxins

If the chin and other parts are always repeated acne, daily also pay great attention to skin maintenance and cleansing care work, most of the reason is because of the long-term accumulation of toxins in the body, resulting in impaired organ function, causing endocrine disorders and other states of appearance, and then manifested in skin problems.

Water and oil imbalance

It is said that oily skin is easy to grow acne,and dry skin is easy to grow spots, it can be imagined that it is important to maintain the balance of skin water and oil.The skin is too greasy will lead to clogged pores, adsorption of dust and oil, long-term naturally lead to acne acne, acne blackheads induced.

Digestive Problems

For example, long-term constipation, chronic diarrhea, excessive stomach acid and ulcers and other symptoms, resulting in the accumulation of a large number of toxins can not be discharged normally,and the digestive system reflex site is located in the lips, natural pimples, acne and other skin problems.

Seasonal Changes

Seasonal change, large temperature difference, sensitive and fragile skin can not adapt will lead to the growth of acne, this situation is generally handled properly, after a few days can disappear naturally.

Drug stimulation

Because of the regular use of contraceptives, diet pills and other irritating drugs, causing endocrine imbalance, which leads to accumulation of toxins in the body, resulting in acne induced on the skin of the face.

What to eat with acne on your face?

Black Fungus

What is good to eat with acne on your face?For the face is always repeated acne, the daily diet must pay more attention to it.On weekdays, you can eat black fungus, black fungus contains a lot of plant gum,such substances have a good adsorption capacity,can adsorb residual toxins in the body, clean the blood.Regular consumption works best and helps relieve acne on the face.


Pears are rich in vitamin C,with care whitening, cleaning and detoxification and other effects, often eat pears can clear heat and detoxify, nourish yin, lower blood pressure and lung expectorant and detoxification and other effects.It is very effective in moisturizing and repairing skin problems,and is suitable for people with sensitive skin and acne skin.


Mushrooms are rich in nutrients such as crude fiber and lignin, which are easily digested in the intestine and help maintain intestinal moisture, thereby absorbing excess cholesterol and sugar,and expelling excess toxins and debris from the body.It is very helpful to prevent dry skin and reduce acne.


Seaweed contains iodine, methionine and cystine and other nutrients, to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, etc. is very helpful, but also to maintain the nutrients needed for the skin, make the skin healthy and shiny.In addition, it can also improve skin water and oil imbalance, which contains vitamins to help maintain the health of epithelial tissue, thereby reducing acne and pigment problems caused by the skin.