2 ways to effectively remove acne and wrinkles

Beauty is one of the basic needs of women, and many women in life try various methods to become better looking. From pills, to injections, to plastic surgery, it can be said to be a great deal of effort. But they failed to play the effect they are satisfied with, but damage to the body, and even become more ugly.

remove acne and wrinkles

Everyone loves beauty, especially women love beauty. The actual fact is that if you want to have a good look, it is advisable to stick to food therapy.

1. Cold amaranth bean sprouts - to get rid of acne

This dish has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying and moistening the skin. For women with acne on their face, it is a very good dietary remedy to get rid of acne and it is recommended to eat it.

Ingredients: 150G of amaranth and soy bean sprouts, preferably fresh, or they will taste bad.

Ingredients: 15G of sesame oil, 6G of sugar, 3G of soy sauce, 2G of MSG and 2G of white vinegar.

Cooking method.

1. Put the amaranth and bean sprouts into separate pots, add water and soak them for a while, then pick out the rotten parts and throw them away. After that, scrub both ingredients carefully to get rid of the dirt. After washing, put them in separate plates and set aside.

2. Boil a pot of water and put the bean sprouts in the boiling water first. After that, put the amaranth into the boiling water and cook it, and then put it into a large plate.

After that, pour all the prepared ingredients on top of the vegetables and stir them up and down with chopsticks until the ingredients are absorbed by the vegetables.

Nutritional value: Amaranth is rich in vitamin C, carotene and other elements, while soybean sprouts are rich in vitamin A and unsaturated fatty acids, which are nutrients for healthy skin, and amaranth is also effective in clearing heat and detoxification, so this dish is very suitable for getting rid of acne.

2. Boiled fish - wrinkle relief

This dish is very fresh and tender, for women who love to eat fish, that is simply the gospel. I remind that eating boiled fish helps to get rid of wrinkles. So that women who are being infested with wrinkles, come and eat it.

The main ingredients needed: prepare 1 fresh fish, half a pound of bean sprouts, a few red peppers.

Required auxiliary ingredients: prepare the right amount of ginger, garlic, groundnut powder, cooking wine, chili oil, salt and pepper.

Cooking method.

1. Knock the fresh fish unconscious and slaughter it, after which the fish will be carefully sliced into pieces. If you are not confident in your knife skills, it is recommended that you let the merchant handle the fish for you when you buy it.

2. Then rinse the fish fillets with water and put them in a dish, add the right amount of groundnut powder and cooking wine, then add a little salt, then grab them with your hands and mix them well, and then leave them for 30 minutes.

3. While waiting, you can wash the bean sprouts once or twice and set them aside. Then wash the red pepper and chop it into pieces. Meanwhile, wash and scrape the ginger and cut it into julienne strips, while the garlic is patted and set aside.

4. In addition, wash the pot and add oil to the pot, heat it up, then add the red pepper, ginger and garlic to the pot and stir-fry for a moment or two, then add pepper and stir-fry together. When the fragrance floats out, add the right amount of water and wait for it to boil.

5. After the water boils, put the fish fillets and bean sprouts into the boiling water and stew together, wait until the fish fillets are floating on the surface of the soup, then the ingredients are cooked, this time add the right amount of chili oil to the soup can be.

Nutritional value: fish is rich in selenium, often eat fish has a very good anti-aging effect, and thus play the effect of eliminating wrinkles. So, women who want to get rid of wrinkles, may as well cook some fish to eat it.

These two recipes are often eaten to help beauty and beauty, it is recommended that women who want to look good may want to eat. Of course, want to look good in addition to eating, should also adhere to the exercise. Because the body movement, can promote blood circulation, so that the skin to get better moisturized. And body renewal will also be accelerated, so that the toxins that damage the skin can be discharged, to play the effect of skin care yo.